The Enlightened Consent Foundation guides Kinky, Polyamorous, and LGBTQ+ identified people through transformative experiences and provides supportive resources so they can experience being seen, honored, and loved!


We are creating sacred sanctuary

spaces for people to explore their identities and what they intimately desire without being blamed, shamed, or being told they're bad/wrong.


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We believe that as long as the people involved are consenting & honoring their existing relationship agreements, people's opinions about it don't matter.

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We create sacred sanctuary spaces for the marginalized sexual identities in society, protect their welfare, and prepare for them a place to be heard & to be seen.

These are among the most important issues we face during our lifetime.

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Since 2021, we have created sacred sanctuary spaces for both those providing services to those in our marginalized communities as well as the people in the marginalized communities we serve.

3+ Countries
2+ Projects 
70+ Lives Impacted

Latest Causes

We are going to be doing a series of workshops in the SF Bay Area for people who are on the autistic spectrum that are confused about dating.

In these workshop series we'll be creating sacred sanctuary spaces for people on the autism spectrum to learn our 3 C  Method and start on the path of creating romantic relationships that make sense for how their autistic minds work.

Heart Hands

Autistic Dating

A series of workshops in the SF Bay Area for people who are on the autism spectrum that are confused about dating.
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Enlightened Consent Summit

3-day Summit for Sex Educators, Relationship Coaches & Tantra Teachers so they can hone their business,  network with other providers and create a greater impact in the world.
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Art of Love LGBTQ+ Live Summit

3-day Summit focused on the LGBTQ+ community where you come to experience loving yourself, loving others, and loving all that is.
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Our Values

Enlightened Consent Foundation has three main values at the center of our work:  Compassion, Love, & Humanity.


                Having & showing compassion for those that are suffering, including ourselves & taking actions

                to alleviate their suffering.


                  We chose to show love that see themselves as unlovable, including ourselves.


               We recognize that there is a human soul looking to do the best they

               can with the circumstances they are in.